Loss Adjuster Insurance Agent Inspecting Damaged Car.

What Not to Say to an Insurance Adjuster

Wilson Law Firm PLLC  Sept. 29, 2022

Under Oklahoma personal injury laws, individuals who are injured or suffer damages in a negligent car accident may be eligible to seek fair compensation through injury claims. Upon filing your insurance claims, a claims adjuster may call you requesting more details about the auto accident or your injury. Generally, speaking with an adjuster insurance without experienced advice is never advisable as it can hurt your case inadvertently.  

At Wilson Law Firm PLLC, I'm committed to delivering personalized legal direction and vigorous representation to auto accident victims and their families in their injury claims. As an understanding Oklahoma personal injury attorney, I can examine every aspect of your case and handle all negotiations and communications with the insurance carrier and claims adjuster on your behalf. My firm is proud to serve clients across Shawnee, Okemah, Ada, Norman, and Chandler, Oklahoma. 

The Insurance Adjuster's Role 

An insurance adjuster – also referred to as a claims specialist, claims adjuster, or independent claims analyst – is a professional who is usually called upon to assess, investigate, and settle personal injury and car accident claims. The independent claims analyst will evaluate every last detail of the case and decide the fair settlement amount for the claimant's injuries, property damages, or losses suffered in the accident. The insurance adjuster will have the following roles and responsibilities: 

  • Assess, investigate, and settle injury claims 

  • Evaluate the magnitude of the victim's injuries and damages 

  • Evaluate what is covered under the insurance policy 

  • Determine the fair compensation amount the insurer should pay the claimant for their injuries, damages, or losses. 

  • Negotiate a fair settlement amount with the plaintiffs, their legal counsel, or representatives 

  • Approve settlement amounts and ensure that the claimants receive their complete payments 

  • Interview the claimant and other witnesses to determine the deserved compensation 

  • Ensure claims transparency and deny false or fraudulent claims 

  • Contact the claimants' employers or doctors to disclose fraudulent claims 

  • Work in collaboration with personal injury lawyers on insurance claims when necessary 

  • Refer a private investigator to review the injury claims if needed. 

As part of the insurance adjuster's role, they may call the injured person requesting more information or a recorded statement about the traffic crash or injury. 

Requests for a Statement 

During an investigation, the independent claims analyst may request for a statement, asking you more information about the events leading to the accident, how it happened, or who was responsible. Generally, it is never a good idea to speak with the claims specialist without your lawyer's consent. Unknown to you, the claims adjuster may: 

  • Use your statement to undervalue your claims or reduce your compensation 

  • Take your statement out of context or give your words a different interpretation. 

  • Use your statement against you in court 

  • Ask questions that are contradictory to create inconsistencies in your statements. 

Giving a statement to the insurance adjuster can hurt your ability to seek injury claims by accident. A wise car accident attorney can advise you on what to say – or not say – if you decide to give a statement.   

What to Say If You Choose To Give a Statement 

In the event that you choose to speak to the claims adjuster, you should keep the following in mind: 

  • Ask the insurance adjuster not to record the conversation or your statements. 

  • Keep your statement or conversation as brief as possible 

  • Only respond to questions you are sure of. 

  • Never admit that you caused the accident or your injuries. 

  • Do not give additional information freely. 

  • Do not sign any document without the approval of your lawyer. 

However, to be on the safer side and to avoid making statements that can hurt your case, you can just politely decline the claims adjuster's request for a statement or conversation with you. 

What Information Will They Ask Me to Provide? 

The independent claims analyst may reach out to you and request that you provide any of the following information: 

  • Personal details such as full name, address, phone number, and employer 

  • Relevant details about the injuries sustained, property damages, and other losses you suffered 

  • Your personal account of the accident, including where and when it happened, the type of accident, types of cars involved, and who was at fault for the crash 

  • Information about your medical expenses, doctor's appointments, hospital records, therapist reports, and other health records that can assist with your injury case 

  • Accident scene pictures 

  • Independent medical examinations (IME) 

  • Identities of witnesses and statements or testimonies made by them 

An accomplished attorney can help represent your best interests and handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company and claims specialist diligently. 

Look to a Loyal Personal Injury Attorney 

A claims adjuster is working for the insurance company and looking for how to undervalue or deny your claims. The insurance adjuster may take your statements out of context, interpret your words differently, and thereby hurt your case. 

Therefore, if you receive a call from the insurance company's claims adjuster requesting to discuss more about your claims, consulting with a personal injury attorney is crucial for sound advice and to help protect your best interests.  

At Wilson Law Firm PLLC, I enjoy helping clients in personal injury cases and advocating for the best interests of car accident victims. As your legal counsel, I will assess the points of your case and educate you about your possible legal option to seek damages. In addition, I will evaluate the magnitude of your injuries, estimate your case value, and help negotiate a fair financial settlement with the insurer and claims specialists on your behalf. 

Never leave your fate in the hands of the insurance company or claims adjuster who wouldn't protect your best interests. Contact me at Wilson Law Firm PLLC to arrange an easy case assessment with a skilled personal injury lawyer. My firm is proud to serve clients across Shawnee, Okemah, Ada, Norman, and Chandler, Oklahoma.