German shepherd bites a man on the hand

Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

Wilson Law Firm PLLC April 12, 2022

Getting bit by a dog is scary and can lead to serious and debilitating injuries. Thankfully, there are laws in place that entitle you to fair compensation. Oklahoma follows a strict liability law for dog bites meaning that the owner of any dog that bites another person without being provoked and when said person has a lawful right to be on the property where they were bit, will be liable for damages. It’s important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer that understands Oklahoma dog bite laws and can help you fight for fair compensation. 

At Wilson Law Firm PLLC, I have a compassionate and skilled team ready to assist you through every aspect of your dog bite case. My firm has a proven, results-based approach that focuses on making sure you are fairly compensated for your medical bills, future medical needs, and pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result of a dog bite in Oklahoma. As a dog bite attorney, I proudly serve clients in Shawnee, Chandler, Norman, Ada, Okemah, and the rest of the state.

Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

A dog bite or any animal attack falls under the umbrella of personal injury claims, the laws of which vary from state to state. In Oklahoma, the state imposes “strict liability” for dog attacks, as well as other personal injury claims. Strict liability means that an individual may be held liable for damages regardless of intent. In the case of a dog bite, the dog owner can be held liable for any injuries their dog inflicts when the victim of the injury was lawfully on the property where the bite occurred and did not provoke the dog.

What to Do After a Dog Attack

In the immediate aftermath of a dog attack, you should do the following:

  • Seek immediate medical attention

  • Follow your doctor’s wound-care orders

  • Report the incident to your local animal control

  • Identify witnesses

  • Document the bite wound and other details of the incident

Liability in a Dog Bite Case

In the state of Oklahoma, strict liability applies to dog bites and animal attacks of all kinds. The intent of an animal is immaterial with regard to attacks or incidents, which is why the owner of a pet may be held responsible for any injuries or harm that their animal has caused. This is particularly true if the animal was not supervised or on a leash at the time of the attack. Victims of dog bites in Oklahoma are not required to prove negligence or intent to prove legal liability in dog bite cases.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you are bitten by someone’s dog, then you generally have the right to sue that person for any damages that you sustain. After you receive medical attention, a personal injury attorney can bring a lawsuit against all of those who are responsible for causing your injuries and help you negotiate a settlement, either with the insurance company or through litigation.

Be sure to gather as much evidence as possible, and get the contact information of the owner of the dog, the owner or controller of the property, and everyone’s insurance policy information. You may also want to make Oklahoma Animal Control aware of the issue and find out whether there have been other attacks by the dog.

Like all personal injury claims in Oklahoma, there is a statute of limitations—or deadline—in which you can file a claim. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Oklahoma is two years from the date of your injury.

Available Damages

There is a wide range of damages available if you are successful in your dog bite claim:

  • Medical expenses

  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of companionship

  • Property damage

  • Punitive damages

Not surprisingly, the more extensive and permanent the injury, the more compensation you can potentially recover. A pre-existing condition does not prevent you from recovering fair compensation in cases where the dog bite exacerbates that condition.

How a Skilled Personal

Injury Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been attacked by a dog, don’t wait to get to help. I assist clients in and around Shawnee, Oklahoma, with making a strong personal injury case that may entitle you to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and punitive damages. Call Wilson Law Firm PLLC today for a caring and dedicated attorney who can help you through this difficult time.