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Greg Wilson May 4, 2021

According to data from the Department of Justice, more than 500 people were charged with domestic violence involving firearms in 2020. Under Oklahoma laws, a person may be charged with domestic violence for physically assaulting, harassing, threatening, or stalking a family member, intimate partner, or household member. If convicted, the defendant could be facing a lengthy prison sentence, huge fines, loss of firearm rights, a restraining order, a permanent criminal record, and other social ramifications.

Being accused of domestic abuse or facing domestic violence allegations can ruin your future. At Wilson Law Firm PLLC, I have the resources and experience to help you fight your domestic violence charges. As a highly skilled criminal defense attorney, I will review every last detail of your case, explore your possible legal defense, and determine a defense strategy that seeks to maximize your chances of obtaining the best available outcome for your situation. My firm proudly serves clients throughout Shawnee, Ada, Okemah, Chandler, and Norman, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Domestic Violence Charges

Under Oklahoma Statutes Section 21-644, a person may be charged with domestic violence for committing assault (threatening or attempting to cause physical harm) or battery (knowingly using force or violence) against a victim who is a:

  • Current or former spouse

  • Spouse of the defendant's former spouse

  • Foster parent

  • Parent or child

  • A person in a current or former relationship with the defendant

  • A person with whom the defendant has a child

  • A person the defendant lives with or lived with previously

Possible Consequences

In the state of Oklahoma, domestic violence is often punished severely. The severity of the punishment will depend on the type of victim, degree of injury inflicted, and other surrounding circumstances. If convicted, possible penalties and consequences include:

  • Jail Time: A defendant may be facing up to one year in county jail for the first offense and up to four years in prison for second and subsequent offenses.

  • Fines: A maximum fine of $5,000.

  • Probation: The defendant may be asked to serve supervised or unsupervised probation as part of their sentence.

  • Treatment: The defendant may be required to attend a mandatory Batterer's Intervention Program for 52 weeks.

  • Loss of Firearm Rights: The defendant will be unable to purchase, carry, or possess a firearm in Oklahoma.

  • Loss of Visitation RRights: A domestic violence conviction in Oklahoma may lead to loss of parental rights, child custody, or visitation rights.

  • Restraining Order: A restraining or protective order may be issued against the defendant.

  • Loss of Employment: In addition to losing your job for a felony conviction, you may face difficulties securing employment opportunities in the future.

  • Deportation: Possible deportation from or inadmissibility into the United States.

Work with an Experienced Attorney

Accusations of domestic abuse, violent acts against an intimate partner, and other forms of domestic violence can cause irreversible damage to your reputation, liberty, and personal and professional futures. Trying to defend yourself against such allegations without experienced representation can increase your risk of being convicted and receiving the maximum punishment. It is crucial that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to help protect your rights and strategize your best defense.

At Wilson Law Firm PLLC, I'm committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance and vigorous representation to individuals facing domestic violence charges. As your attorney, I can:

  • Intervene quickly and take proactive measures on your behalf

  • Help get protective orders lifted

  • Review all the facts of your circumstances and conduct a thorough investigation

  • Determine an effective defense strategy for your case

  • Refute the allegations against you with all available evidence

  • Search for inconsistencies in your accuser's story

  • Get witnesses to testify on your behalf

If you're facing domestic abuse charges, you need help. Contact my firm — Wilson Law Firm PLLC — today to schedule a free one-on-one case evaluation with an experienced domestic violence attorney. I can help you navigate the Oklahoma criminal justice system, fight to protect your rights, and represent you diligently in every phase of the legal process. I'm proud to serve clients throughout Shawnee, Ada, Okemah, Chandler, and Norman, Oklahoma.