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The Wilson Law Firm is passionate about defense and prosecution that will lead to positive results for their clients.  We will work closely with you through all aspects of your case.

Passionate representation

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Our experienced attorneys specialize in Family Law, personal injury, Criminal Law, bankruptcy, probate, adoption, and Social Security Law.


We offer personalized one-on-one representation through all aspects of your case.

Committed to your case

Greg Wilson and Deanna Wilson, Greg’s mother, are both attorneys committed to personally representing you.


You can have no fear that you will be outsourced to another attorney.  We will be with you throughout your case.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will provide the representation you need to ensure your rights are


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The office is centrally located in Shawnee to easily facilitate all cases in Pottawatomie County, and centrally located in Oklahoma making regional casework simple.


Centrally located

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